parallax background


In 2007 a group of businessman and agricultural producers from the Tres Arroyos region began to search after alternatives to add value to their grain production. Through this search they managed to set focus on non-traditional agricultural products, with the objective of directing the production, processing and commercialising the crops up to the high demands of the international market. That is how in 2008 they started producing confectionary sunflower and coriander. By the end of that year they formed the company Productos del Sudeste S. A.

It was not until 2009 that they began to build an industrial facility to process the agricultural specialities. That is how by the next year, and after meeting all the regulations, they began to work and managed to achieve their first shipment of confectionery sunflower to Venezuela.

Currently the company has a wide diversity of products to offer, mainly confectionery sunflower, coriander, peas, mung beans, mustard, candeal wheat and bread wheat, among others.

parallax background


We are a group of agricultural producers from the South Buenos Aires province of Argentina dedicated to the production, processing and export of non-traditional agricultural products, who aims to offer their products with a plus of added value. We develop our activities through the values that govern us as people and as an organization. Those are: